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What we offer

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We work with regions, cities, private land owners, entrepreneurs and farmers to develop urban-farming eco-systems. Through strategies, educations, incubators, networking event and consulting we adapt to the local context and delivers hands-on knowledge leading directly to entrepreneurship and long-term profitable small-scale farming in and around cities. 


We provide a framework and educations that lead to strategies, creation and development of urban farming eco-systems. Here you can find examples of how we work in different European regions.


Private land owners

Wether it's at an early planning stage or in existing spaces/building we help to identify farmable spaces, design them and find/train farming entrepreneurs.


Urban farmers

If you are interested in starting a farm in one of our active HUBS you can contact the HUB coordinator and explore the possibility to join our incubator program of rent a space on a test bed.


Digital Incubator

To improve the collaboration with our partners, make our content more accessible and adapt to the ongoing sanitary crisis, we adapted our incubator and made it digital. More than 50 farms are currently accessing our content on the platform.

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