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Botildenborg – host of Stadsbruk 

Botildenborg is a sustainable farm and meeting place in the middle of Malmö that works with food and farming, to contribute to ecological, social and economic sustainability. 

Botildenborg has developed the method of Stadsbruk and work with all the cities and regions in the Stadsbruk network.

In the city of Malmö, Botildenborg is the main host for Stadsbruk’s ecosystem. In Malmö Botildenborg host the incubator, the local network, testbed and educational farm.

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In Malmö, 8 entrepreneurs have are participating in Stadsbruk's incubator. Since 2021, the incubator is digital, with international and local sessions.

The incubator is financed by the municipality of Malmö. 

Are you interested to learn more about the incubator? Contact us at


Educational Farm

Botildenborg runs an Educational Farm.

Apply for internship and work in the farm to gain theoretical and practical skills.

Read more about the internship program.

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