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About us


Botildenborg is a sustainable farm and meeting place in the middle of Malmö that works with food and farming, to contribute to ecological, social and economical sustainability. Botildenborg develops methods and services where food and farming lead to entrepreneurship, work, community and hope. Through its different projects/initiatives Botildenborg has become one of the most innovative places in Europe contributing to 13 UN’s Global Goals.



Botildenborg, together with a group of partners including cities and universities have developed Stadsbruk's methodology. The goal is to enable cities to work with urban agriculture on a strategic, city planning and hands-on level resulting in a rising number of local and ecological growers.

Since 2015 we have received support from the Swedish Innovation Agency, allowing us, together with partners across Europe to develop and implement Stadsbruk and contribute to the productive green city of tomorrow.

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